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In the table below, click the name of the supplement to find more detailed information. In the studies column, click any numbered study to view the PubMed abstract for the paper cited. This table is very much a work in progress and most of the pertinent scientific studies have not yet been linked.

Name Ideal Daily Dosage Purpose Studies Notes
5 Mushroom Extract 2ml T-cell activity enhancer (immune system enhancer)
Several brands of "5-mushroom extract" are available; maitake-D fraction is a common brand; PSK (polysaccharide krestin) is hard to get, but perhaps the most potent
Asiatic Acid 750 mg Cytotoxin 1 2 3 An extract of the gotu kola plant, Centella asiatica; cytotoxic to several cancers, including GBM; increases intracelluar Ca2+
Berberine 1500 mg Cytotoxin 1 2 From GoldenSeal or Oregon Grape; clinical experience with berberine has shown that doses of 2 grams per day produced no side effects; a 2003 study in the American Journal of Cardiology reported that it lowers LDL cholesterol 18-25% and normalizes heart actions; has clinical efficacy in prostate cancer prevention and therapy, and leukemia
Boron 3-10 mg Anti-inflammatory, immune system stimulator, promotes differentiated cell apoptosis 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Intake of boron is very low in Western countries; increases uptake of calcium; corrects vitamin D3 deficiency; few studies in brain tumors, but boron can do remarkable things with other types of cancers; reduces prostate cancer incidence by up to 64%; downregulates the NF-kappaB pathway which in turn downregulates the proliferation of glioma cells6; only toxic in extremely high doses (over 500 mg)
Boswellic Acid 3000+ mg Anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, cytotoxin
Received Orphan Drug status in 2005 from the European Union, virtually unknown in the U.S.; dosage refers to "standardized" boswellic acids; upper toxicity level is unknown; do not consume boswellia resin powder directly (always take it in pill form)
Bromelain 1000 mg Anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative 1 A mixture of 2 sulfur-containing protease enzymes found in pineapples. Provides anti-inflammatory properties via COX-2 and PGE2 inhibition, in a dose-dependent manner. Reduces cell proliferation and migration in gliomas.
CoQ10 800 mg Natural antioxidant
CoQ10 (or Coenzyme Q10) is produced by your body but production decreases with age; protects cells from cancer according to the NCI; lowers blood pressure
Curcumin 10,000 mg Angiogenesis inhibitor, anti-inflammatory
From the spice tumeric; downregulates a wide variety of inflammatory enzymes including COX-2, LOX, NF-kappa B, and TNF; angiogenesis inhibitor (at least EGFR and HER2) and inhibits many other protein kinases used as growth factors by cancers; normally has low bioavailability in the bloodstream; piperine enhances absorption
Fish Oil 2000 mg Anti-inflammatory
Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA + DHA); the American Heart Assoc. recommends a summed total of EPA/DHA 1000-3000 mg/day; beware of blood thinning effects and interactions (i.e. warfarin)
Garlic Unknown immune system stimulator, promotes cell apoptosis 1 2 3 4 5 Garlic promotes apoptosis in glioblastoma, as well as neuroblastoma, colon, liver, bladder and prostate cancers; beware of blood thinning effects and interactions (i.e. warfarin); stimulates cytochrome P450 enzymes; may slow atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and mildly lower blood pressure; and it tastes good!
Genistein 2000 mg Epidermal growth factor (EGF) inhibitor
This soy isoflavone competes with estrogen and tamoxifen for estrogen receptors, so women with estrogen-depedent breast cancer or post-menopausal women should consider avoiding genistein.
Green Tea as much as possible Differentiating angiogenesis inhibitor
Active constituent is EGCG; large 2004 study at the Mayo Clinic noted its effectiveness in killing leukemia cells; decaffeinated varieties are believed to be LESS effective; epidemiological studies of cancer have shown that in parts of the world where green tea is consumed, the incidence of solid tumor cancers is much lower
Lycopene 30 mg Insulin growth factor (IGF) inhibitor
Easily found naturally in red vegetables
Melatonin 20 mg Angiogenesis inhibitors
Take at bed time; an Rx drug in many countries outside the U.S.A.
No iron or copper
Piperine 20 mg Pgp inhibitor, mild anticonvulsant, pain-reliever, and anti-inflammatory
Inhibits CYP3A4 and P-glycoprotein; may increase curcumin absorption by 2000%; may inhibit warfarin; increases bioavailability of many beneficial substances
PSK (polysaccharide krestin) 3600 mg Immunostimulant, cytotoxin 1 2 3 4 5 A beta glucan extract of the mushroom Coriolus versicolor. A standard cancer treatment in Japan and East Asia. Stimulates natural killer (NK) and lymphocyte-activated killer (LAK) cell activation, gamma-interferon production, interleukin-2 production, and an increase in T-cell activity. PSK has also been shown to have independent cytotoxic abilities in vitro.
PSP (polysaccharide peptide) 4000 mg Immunostimulant, cytotoxin 1 2 3 From the mushroom Coriolus versicolor. PSP is very similar to PSK. Before combining with other mushroom extracts, check dosage with a savvy herbalist.
Quercetin 200 mg Tyrosine kinase activity inhibitor
Needs more research: which kinase quercetin inhibits
Rutin 500 mg

Selenium 400 mcg Antioxidant, promotes differentiated cell apoptosis
note microgram dosage, not miligrams; dosage offset by multivitamin; may be synergistic with Vitamin D; L-selenomethionine form is good, but Se-methylselenocysteine (abbreviated SMSC or SeMC) is an organic selenium compound found in garlic and brocolli that may be more bioavailable; in a landmark, placebo-controlled JAMA study of 1300 people in 1996, patients who took 200 mcg/day had 42 less cancer occurence; 3 brazil nuts (actually grown in Brazil) have about 200 mcg of selenium; actually causes cancer at extremely high doses
Shark Liver Oil 2000 mg

take it not for the Omega-3s, but the alkylglycerols
Silibinin 420 mg Insulin growth factor (IGF) inhibitor
the major active constituent of Silymarin, from Milk Thistle; inhibits the cytochrome P-450 enzymes CYP3A4 and CYP2C9. 13 g of oral silybin-phytosome (a commercially available formulation) daily, in 3 divided doses, appears to be well tolerated in patients; improve indices of liver function [AST, ALT, gamma-glutamyl transferase and bilirubin]
Sulforaphane Unknown, but dose-dependent Promotes differentiated cell apoptosis 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 An extract of broccoli, found in lesser concentrations in other cruciferous vegetables; the precursor is glucoraphanin; broccoli sprouts contain 10-100 times more glucoraphanin by weight than mature broccoli plants; steaming or eating broccoli raw helps maximize sulforaphane intake because it is water soluble; activates Ca2+-dependent pathways for apoptosis; histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitor; grow your own (e.g. BroccoSprouts)
Vitamin C 90 mg Water Soluble
dosage added to multivitamin
Vitamin D analog: alfacalcidol .04 micrograms/kg

Vitamin D analog; in U.S., you need a Rx prescription; this dosage produced no significant hypercalcemia
Vitamin D3 2000 I.U.

This is the common form of Vitamin D (cholecalciferol); may be synergistic with retinoids such as accutane, as well as dexamethesone, carnosic acid, lycopene, curcumin, silibinin, and selenium
Vitamin K up to 200 micrograms

preferably K2, menaquinone, dosage offset by multivitamin; Vitamin K is a clotting agent and warfarin inhibits it; if you eat a large, green leafy salad per day or half a cup of broccoli, skip the Vitamin K supplement because you probably already have enough
Zinc up to 25 mg Immune system enhancer
dosage offset by multivitamin; helps lower copper levels

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